Summary – Fintech

Historically, commercial banks have been the main players responsible for financing international trade flows. But given recent changes in regulatory and compliance requirements are forcing banks to spend a significant portion of their technology budget to be compliant with various regulatory and compliance requirements.

Over the last decade or so, the fintech industry has stepped up, leveraging its agility, advanced technology solution and limited regulatory controls to create a market share for themselves.

Pinnacle Trade Finance is keen to explore this changing market environment being led by technology platforms and fintech industry.

While these are initial days for Pinnacle Trade Finance in this space and hence we would like to focus on fundamentally three areas where we might be able to add value to technology platforms and fintech industry, namely:

1. Ability to scale-up supply chain programs: Incremental liquidity from banks and institutional investors
2. Comprehensive global solutions for global multinational companies and large corporates
3. Product Advisory services