Alternate sources of liquidity – new investors

Alternate sources of liquidity – new investors

Majority of the corporates (global multinational companies and/or large corporates) use banks for their short-term trade financing requirements.

These short-term trade financing requirements could be plain vanilla loans (import/ export loans) or more structured solutions including supply chain finance and receivable financing structures to optimise DPO/ DSO.

While a number of fintech and other technology platforms are able to structure more customised solutions, however, some of the fintechs are still using the obligor’s ‘relationship’ with banks as providers of liquidity.

Pinnacle Trade Finance can help corporates to diversify it sources of short-term trade financing from obligor’s key ‘relationship ‘with banks to other providers, namely:

1. Multilateral Agencies
2. Export Finance Agencies
3. Non-traditional Banks
4. Institutional Investors