Summary – Corporates

In recent times, a number of global multinational companies and/or large corporates are sourcing goods, commodities and raw materials from the lowest cost suppliers and selling on markets with highest margins i.e. globalisation at work.

In order to ensure long-term sustainability of their business alongwith managing risks, these corporates are exploring new avenues, especially for trade financing area, with an objective of optimising their working capital funding, managing DPO/ DSO and improving profitability at the same time. Some corporates are also exploring 3-5 years funding solutions for their vendors’ manufacturing facilities as well as ensuring quality of goods are delivered to their clients in a timely manner.

Pinnacle Trade Finance can help corporates improve their sales, optimise working capital, structure off-balance-sheet medium-term funding solutions and reduce interest costs via structured trade financing solutions, thus, improving the corporate’s balance-sheet and profitability.

There are four primary areas that distinguish Pinnacle Trade Finance from others, namely:

1. Alternate sources of liquidity – new investors (banks, MLAs and institutional investors)
2. Medium term financing structure regarding third-party ‘manufacturing’ facilities
3. Receivables Financing – possible solutions
4. Supplier Finance programs