Sourcing of trade assets

Sourcing of trade assets – different products, multiple obligors and scalability

Once institutional investors have undertaken the feasibility of trade finance asset class, the next logical step is to help identify and originate trade finance assets on a regular basis.

Given the short-term nature of these trade finance assets, institutional investors run the risk of replenishment, thus, need to set-up a sales/origination process in order to see regular flow of assets to optimise revenues.

Pinnacle Trade Finance has client connectivity and developed ‘relationships’ across the majority of Top 100+ FI/s Banks and Multi-lateral agencies across the globe, including with key decisions that can be leveraged to generate new business opportunities.

We can also help create diversified portfolio of obligors based in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Western Europe, CEE/ CIS region and Latam across different trade financing product structures.

Lastly, we will ensure that the institutional investors can procure trade finance assets across various banks, corporates, commodity firms and fintech in order to ensure diversity and volumes.

This approach will help institutional investors grow their trade finance portfolio systematically and reduce cash-drag.