Summary – Banks

Banks need to generate incremental revenues in the trade business in the rapidly changing market conditions and competitive business environment. While at the same time, Banks also need to play a balancing act between regulatory & compliance requirements on the one-hand, and the new disruptive technologies & fintech industry on the other.

Thus, the one thing that is constant these days within Banks is ‘change’.

Pinnacle Trade Finance team has vast trade experience & expertise, and will look at the business with a fresh pair of eyes. Its international business experience will help weed-out stumbling blocks and incorporate best practices to help make the Bank’s trade business more competitive, improve returns and increase revenues and at the same time garner higher share of client trade wallet. The Banks that are agile and can adapt to the ‘change’ quicker than others will distinguish themselves as winners vis-à-vis who can’t.

We feel that some areas where we can add-values to the Banks are as follows:

  • Re-look at Bank’s entire trade business and product offerings, and help reposition by building on its strength
  • Recommend ways to diversify its existing channels of trade asset sales and introduce institutional investors as well
  • Help implement ‘originate-to-distribute’ strategy with an objective to increase revenues and improve returns
  • Identify new market opportunities for growing its trade assets
  • Diversify its sources of US$ funding to help reduce cost and become more competitive in market place