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Feasibility study - pinnacle-trade-finance

Feasibility study

Feasibility study

While institutional investors might be exploring multiple asset categories, however there might have recourse/time constraints, to gain a better understanding of trade asset class and its complexities.

Pinnacle Trade Finance can undertake a feasibility study for institutional investors, regarding trade asset class and the long-term sustainability to invest in trade assets, including how trade assets might fit into the institutional investors’ overall investment strategies. Based upon this feasibility study, institutional investors can then determine the best way forward.

Some of the topics the feasibility study can cover are:

  • Key market players like commercial banks, fintechs and alternate providers of trade finance across geographies and asset classes
  • Various categories of trade assets, including description and process-flow of each category
  • Market sizing:
    Overall trade assets sales in secondary market
    Regional-wise (e.g. Latam, NA, Western Europe, Africa, CIS, Middle East, Asia)
    Various types of trade assets
    Borrower types (NBFIs, banks, corporates, public sector companies, government entities, etc.)
  • Regulatory, compliance, KYC checks and other requirements for institutional investors, while purchasing trade finance assets
  • Price range for trade assets across products, tenors and types of obligors
  • Compare trade assets with other investments by institutional investors of similar nature and tenors
  • Possible legal structures to purchase different categories of trade assets
  • Recommendation for ideal legal and operational structure to purchase trade asset from sellers (both fintechs and commercial banks)