Re-position its Trade Business

Re-position its Trade Business

Trade Finance has traditionally been a very paper intensive and cumbersome business, with some archive infrastructure in the industry. This has attracted many new players in the industry, e.g. disruptive technology solutions and new business platforms giving banks a run for their money.

Banks have traditionally been key players in international trade and have some advantages, like multiple areas of engagement (trade, cash, FX, etc.) with clients, branch network and credit ratings.

Pinnacle Trade Finance has an experienced team of experts with international experience, who can help banks to build on their strengths, redefine their global trade business strategy, incorporate new ‘market-changing’ ideas vis-à-vis competitors and help reposition them for growth and boost revenues.

Some possible areas where we can contribute to bank’s trade business covers (and not limited to):

1. Ability to look at the entire trade finance business from front-to-back with a fresh pair-of-eyes
2. Help incorporate best market practices to give banks a competitive edge, and win client mandates
3. Assist in internal alignment as independent experts sharing best-practices and growth strategies
4. Globalising the business: bring the team together to tap both legs of the client transaction
5. Explore new trade products and business opportunities for future revenue growth
6. Potential team structures and reporting lines for better internal alignment & coordination

Thus, help create a long-term sustainability model with attitude of continuous improvement within the trade finance business of the bank.