Technology solutions/ providers


Technology solutions/providers

Pinnacle Trade Finance has experience to analyse the entire end-to-end process of investment in trade finance assets, starting from receiving the offer to the actual liquidation of trade finance assets.

The operational processes, from an institutional investor’s perspective, will be as simple as possible, when they buy trade finance assets that are quick to execute. Also, whatever happens behind the scenes will be delegated to the technology firms or platforms responsible for the back-end operations.

Pinnacle Trade Finance can also guide institutional investors regarding outsourcing their operational processes. There are two options:

1. Technology firms – Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant, Genpact, etc., are approved BPO firms and technology providers for a number of banks regarding outsourcing of their trade finance operations. Institutional investors can use their experience and operational capabilities for purchase of trade finance assets as well.

2. Fintech industry – this is another alternative worth exploring for institutional investors, as fintechs are more flexible, agile and providers of technology solutions/platform for trade finance, who could customise their solutions for institutional investors as well.

Once institutional investors have been able to outsource its end-to-end operational requirements to technology firms or platforms, then there is also a possibility to introduce robotics and artificial intelligence for identifying investment opportunities, optimising trade asset portfolio and balancing risk/ rewards.